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Are you stucked on a project? Then, finally you are in the right place! We are team of talented and experienced developers specialized on Matlab, Python and Microsoft Power Bi

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We specialized our services in just 3 languages, that way we can achieve being the best of the best, ensuring quality, deadlines and even tutoring.


We are capable to create fully commented scripts or Simulink projects to solve any kind of engineering problems, using either built-in libraries or own coded functions in Matlab.


On Python, we can make projects related to several topics including: Web Scrapping, Machine Learning, Numerical Methods, and many other fields. Employing libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, among others.

Power BI

On Microsoft Power Bi, we have integrated all our knowledge in coding to perform extensive company analysis. We can connect and retrieve data from databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle, API services, among others.

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About Us

We are engineers commited to excellence. During the last 10 years we have focused on implement stat-of-the-art technology to attend different market neccesities. On this time we have been capable of:

  • Solve academic problems and encourage the science over the world
  • Provide customers a different market insight based on web scrapping of its product
  • Use customers storaged data to provide solutions that enhance the performance of its companies

In the coding laboratory, we focus on taking care of each of our clients, looking to understand and make an solve their neccessities and going above and beyond of their expectatives. Having in mind that we encourage our customers and potential customers to take the next step with technology.



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Hard Workers

Our founder

Our engineering team is led by our founder, a mechanical engineer with a master degree in Mechanical Engineering from one of the most prestigious engineering universities in Venezuela. Abraham, cummulates over 6 years of experience coding. Based on his values of excellence and perseverance he commit every lab's collaborator to achieve the goals of every single task

Abraham Sifontes

Abraham Sifontes


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What programming languages do we know?

    Currently our team is focussed on Matlab, Python and Microsoft Power Bi. But we are not limitated to them, we have also experience on SQL, R Studio, Laravel (PHP) and much more.

  • In order to get a quote, you need to provide a full description of your project. Also, attach any document you consider explain the best the project. And finally provide us an email and a phone number to contact you.

  • Our prices depends on the number of hours required to perform a project, and also on the difficulty on the requested project. Once you submit your quotation request we will quote ASAP

  • Currently, we are accepting Paypal, cryptocurrencies and Wire transfer as payment method.

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If you are willing to receive full support from our side. Just contact us either by email or by whatsapp.


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